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Rosemary Lamb Pitta With Greek Salad

1. Thread the lamb onto a kebab stick or bamboo skewer. Place on a grill rack. Sprinkle with rosemary and grill until the fat stops dripping and the meat is golden brown. 2. Warm the pitta bread under the grill and then cut in half and split open to form pockets. Remove the lamb from […]

Liqueur Pound Cake

-LIQUEUR SYRUP- 2 c Sugar 1/3 c Light corn syrup 3/4 c Water 1 1/4 c Liqueur of choice Cream butter until light and creamy, add powdered sugar and cream together well. Add eggs, one at a time, beating well after each. Beat in vanilla. Add flour and mix well. Spoon batter into greased and […]

Rice And Vegetables In Wine

Heat the oil in saucepan and saute the onion. Add the rest of the veggies and stir them over a medium heat, until lightly browned. Add the rice, veg stock and white wine, cover and cook 15-20 mins until all the liquid has been absorbed.

Lasagna #04

Simmer the ground beef, onion, bell pepper, garlic, salt, tomato paste, sausage, basil, whole tomatoes and wine together for 30 minutes. Cook noodles with olive oil in salted water until tender. Combine the cottage cheese, beaten eggs, Parmesan cheese, parsley flakes, salt and pepper together. Layer the meat mixture, noodles, cheese mixture and Mozzarella cheese […]

Fruit Salad Dressing

Put all of the ingredients into a blender container and blend until smooth. Makes 1 cup.

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